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+/- 18dB

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+/-18dB is an active amplifier module, capable to amplify or attenuate signals up to +/-18 decibels.

The circuit is highly optimized to work well both with audio and CV signals.

It is useful in the following situations:

- to amplify audio signals from various external sources like IPODs IPADs, portable recorders, desktop synths or drum machines to eurorack levels.

- to amplify CV signals to produce stronger modulations. For example applying a slew limiter with long attack and decay times to noise, will reduce the amplitude of the resulted signal so in many cases you may need to amplify it to produce the right modulations.

- to clip signals. For example transform a triangle signal to a trapezoid signal.

- to change the shape of an ADSR. You can clip the point where the Attack meets the Decay and modulate the audio VCA to produce a more impactful sound.

- and many more application.

Unity amplification (what goes in equals what goes out) is when the potentiometer is at the 0 position.

+/-18dB is for line level signals so it is not optimal for microphone level signals.

CMS-LAB module

Tech specs:

-width 4HP
-35mm depth behind the panel
-standard 10 pin euro power (+12V / -12V)
-power consumption +12V 10mA , -12V 10mA

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