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1BIT Multitap Delay

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1BIT Multitap Delay is an adaptation of classic 1bit delays from the 80s to eurorack with many interesting add-ons.

Tech specs:
-width 22HP
-50mm depth behind the panel with power cable installed
-3 cv inputs : FB1 CV, FB2 CV, EXT MOD
-3 cv level pots : FB1 CV, FB2 CV, EXT LEV
-1 signal input : INPUT
-1 gate input : LOOP
-9 control pots : IN LEV, TAP1 LEV, TAP2 LEV, DRY, FEEDBACK1, FEEDBACK2.
-2 tap select switches (8pos) : TAP1, TAP2
-3 on-on switches : feedback1 NORM/INV, feedback2 NORM/INV, loop ON/OFF
-3 on-off-on switches : feedback1 eq SOFT/OFF/HARD, feedback2 eq SOFT/OFF/HARD
lfo modulation EXT/OFF/INT
-1 push momentary switch: LOOP
-3 outputs : TAP1, TAP2, MIX
-standard 10 pin euro power +12V / -12V
-power consumption +12V 230mA , -12V 85mA

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▼Download - Calibration

1BIT Multitap Delay - Muffwiggler

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