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(SOLD OUT) Working hard to complete the project.

The mixer will be available for purchase after we will deliver the last pre sale unit. Stay tuned.

As probably many of you know the MIX BX (like our PRE BX channel strip) is based on a very popular mixer used by techno artists in the nineties and loved for its specific sound.

- first ten units will be sold at 150euro/unit
- the second ten units will be sold at 160euro/unit
- the third ten units will be sold at 170euro/unit

We estimate to finish the building of the 30 units in 3 months from closing the pre sale (last unit sold).
The sale will be limited to 30 units.

Tech specs:
- 35HP front panel
- 35mm depth behind front panel including the power connector
- 6 mono input jacks ( 1 per channel)
- Pot controls for channels : Gain, Hi, Low, Aux1 send, Aux2 send, Pan, Volume
- 6 mute switches (1 per channel)
- Pot controls for master : Master Level, Headphone Level, Aux1 Return, Aux2 Return
- 2 x mono aux send jacks
- 4 mono input jacks for two stereo Aux returns
- 2 jacks for master left and right out
- one 3.5mm stereo jack for headphone out
- boxed 10 pin euro power (+12V / -12V)

- Input Level from -50dBm to -10dBm
- EQ Hi +-10dBm/10kHz shelf type
- EQ Low +-10dBm/100Hz shelf type
- Output Level 20Vpp

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